• Me: I pray for your happiness more than I do my own
  • You:

Constellations of love

As we lay beneath the stars, you began to imitate the constellations with the lines on my hand. Tracing your fingers up and down my palm; and I smiled in the knowledge that the moment belonged to us and only us.

I could have stayed by your side forever. Staring into the vast ocean of darkness; with all the light I ever needed in the warmth of your heart. In those small gestures there were no words needed, nor larger actions. I was embraced as your lips threatened to smile and in the knowledge of what we could be.

From day one I was taught that everything was temporary. With happiness comes sadness. With the light comes the dark and every moment with you would slowly fade to become as distant as the stars were that night. The stars never lasted. The clouds broke away to reveal a royal blue ribbon stretching as far as the eye could see. And you? You were no more. 

You told me that horoscopes didn’t match. That even with connected hearts and souls; the cards on the table just simply weren’t in our favour. The spade could never match the diamond and I could never be your Queen.

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Fawad Khan