So my cousin is moving into university today and my aunty has gone all out…

She ditched the shalwar and kameez for jeans and a short top..

Dyed her hair a new colour

And gone all out with the makeup to the extent of PINK eyeshadow…

Because this one thing has been the only thing on my mind over the last few days. It’s jus so surreal how everything fell into place in such a short period of time.

The way I used to hear your voice day and night on the phone. How you used to call me every few hours just to see if I was okay. How you silenced me when I was upset and would have me smiling in the comfort of your company.

So that day when it occurred; the day we arranged to meet. 

You called me at 2pm and by 4:30pm we were walking side by side; sipping at iced drinks together and exchanging words face to face. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous at first; but the way you were put me at ease and I was soon back to my laughing and joking self.

Sometimes it really does take meeting someone in person to reel in all the random pieces of information and gain a glimpse into the entirety of their nature. With you I totally underestimated, because you treated me with more respect than I have ever known.

As the first half hour ticked by I wanted to run at times, asking myself what I was doing. But in the last 5 minutes I just didn’t want you to leave. 

This will take some time. But even in your few words; I can see that you are someone I would like to keep in touch with numerous times a day.

May Allah bless you always!


So my first lecture is on Monday at 2pm.


Moving into my university house on Monday at 10am it is …


Ya Allāh remove any and all sadness from my mothers heart and give all my happiness to her.

It’s always the spontaneous things you remember most. Wembley Park. Cafe Nero. Cake. And better company than you could have ever imagined. Let’s just wait for this to sink in….

"Aaj apko mil ke I’m happy because you are very nice person aur btw u were looking pyari mashallah"

Ever had one of those days where you just feel like deleting half of your contact list and removing yourself from social media so that no one can contact you? …..

We soon come to a point of realisation that however bad things get, we just have to know that it was the path intended for us by Allah and that there is a good reason behind it. So persist with it and all will be well.