Someone please give me some healthy lunch/dinner ideas ….

That one message….

"I just watched your vlog, they’re really motivational and entertaining to watch! My friend Kev has bcome a fan lol, he feels inspired by your vlogging 👍 you need to vlog more !! Keep it up x"

I received this message from an old friend today and honestly its the small things that people say and do that make me smile.

# Have you ever missed home?


I’m not quite referring to that destination of a comfy bed and a home-cooked meal; but rather the place of where your origins are held. A place that runs ragged in your blood, defines the tone of your personality and holds all the secrets to your heart.


A land that…

crazymarypotter asked:
I love your post about Pakistan. I lived there for a little bit when I was 7. My parents wanted to return to states.

<3 . Aww thank you! Means a lot that you were able to relate and connect to my post! WOW! You lived there! That’s so amazing! … Honestly I would choose Pakistan over the West any day; but maybe opportunities of education are slightly better in the West. I’ve never lived in Pakistan but I’ve kinda fallen in love with the aesthetic and cultural aspect of the country in my few visits. Plan to visit this summer. I pray that one day you shall return too! .. What part of Pakistan are you from? … Hope you have a great day and once again thank you for the message!