Yup. I give up on you. Infact; I give up on most……

I played a wrong move on the chessboard and now I’m sat rethinking things. Maybe this is how things were meant to be or maybe it was a chance for me to see the black behind the white. The board is blurred and the charge is on. I stand blank as they come at me. No expression. On that square I stand isolated. Stone. I turn to see who will help me. No one. It seems my sword has already spoken. Maybe it’s better this way.

After the good comes the bad. Feel physically sick. Miss my family. Stressed to extremes. Sad beyond measures. Pacing through days with no aim. Someone break the cycle and let me free!


Basically I’m travelling out today until the weekend and left my debit card at home. Then I somehow lost my wallet at the station with only half hour until my train pulls in. With all my money, railcards and tickets in it!! Retraced my steps and found that someone had handed it in at the help desk!! Thank God!!

Anonymous asked:
You seem to have an interesting life. I have watched a lot of your videos and read A LOT of your text posts. You seem so strong Ma'shAllah. Do you care to elaborate on your life and your achievements a little? Please.

Hey! WOAH! .. Thank you for such a message and the compliments! .. Okay… In order to answer this I guess I shall have to begin with a saying ….

'Been strong for too long' … This kind of sums me up.  Just a girl who has been through bad times and am now trying to correct my ways and forget my past. I’ve always been more of a writer than a speaker. I’m slowly adjusting to trust people more and express myself in a fact to face scenario.

Elaborating on my life and achievements … Well you asked and so here I go…

  • Vlogger (YouTube KhanageVlogs)
  • Blogger (Wrote a blog here everyday for a year and I still write occasionally now)
  •  Selfie Challenge in which you take a selfie everyday
  • Poet (I have had one poem published in a book and another read out on Blue Peter live. I now write poetry to express)
  • Worked a summer lab job helping Master and PhD Pharmacy students
  • Finalist at the National Engineering and Science Competition
  • Gained a position in studying BioMedical Science in London
  • I have been horse riding, deep sea diving, quad biking and rode on a camel and elephant
  • Achieved 9A*s and 4As at GCSE
  • Have done kickboxing, karate, judo, dancing and skateboarding.
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Met some amazing people across the world through social media and I now consider them to be some of the closest people to me. Always exchanging letters and gifts from the furthest corners of the world.
  • I have a driving license and my own car.
  • Gold Crest Award (100 hours of scientific research)
  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh
  • I write Anonymous Letters
  • Participated in a Youth Parliament for a few years (Was Minutes secretary and leader of a sub-division)
  • Painter (Mainly Arabic Calligraphy, Facebook: AKhanArts)
  • Visited a few countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Tunisia, Dubai, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan)
  • I’m a British born and raised Pakistani
  • I am one of three siblings; I have to older brothers

That’s all I can really think of Anon. Hope that answered the question :) .. 


3am was always going to be that time. Where  right-angle is created upon one face as another screws up in fear of what has been. One of the faces moves on at mercy; with a rhythmic passion whilst the crumpled one relaxes in the symphony of tears. A point of which we wish to forget point A and B and everything that lies between and just shift on to C. The world won’t let us and we are caught between lines and boundaries that bring fear into our souls. We wish to turn the hands back, dry the tears and begin again. Erase everything time has taught us to remember and once again use time to help us forget it all. It’s 3am and the only conclusion I come to right now is that we were born to live with the people and die with the angels. Nothing more. Nothing less.